Kourtney Coleman
Women Speakers Association Premier Member


• Building an authentic career
• Advancing your career with your natural ability
• Conscious decision-making
• Setting boundaries for success
• Building fulfilling relationships


Kourtney Coleman has self-published two journals. She is the founder of Women Building with Intention. Kourtney is empowering and equipping women to build their lives with the intention to fulfill their purpose. She believes everyone can uncover their gifts with a concrete method leading them to discover their purpose.
She says, “You don’t have to try and be someone else! You are already great, you just need to know how great!"

Kourtney’s signature talk “Been There Done That” is a story of how persevering through all of life’s events can reveal your purpose if you pay attention. Along the way, she discovered her innate abilities which gave her clarity, capacity to maximize opportunities and operate her life from a place of power, not reactivity and living in her purpose. Kourtney believes she is a link in a chain of chain reactions impacting the world. To do so, she must be in position giving her contribution to the world by creating her impact.

When she understood who she was, her personal power and her abilities, her purpose was clear. Equipping mission driven, professional career women and aspiring leaders lead her to create her C.O.R.E. methodology to share with others how to live life on purpose in their purpose. She is supporting professional career women identify and bring their personal power into the workplace to create a peek career experience by making business & life decisions that are authentic while building their fulfilled, successful and impactful career.

Kourtney is finally learning how to REST and the best way she knows how is in a cabana on a beach, fill free to serve her Coco Loco. She is protective about her peace and protects it like a treasure. She is a connoisseur of cheesecake and red velvet. Kourtney loves spending time with her husband and two children and two basenjis. She is most passionate about seeing women live out their purpose.


For bookings contact Kourtney at info@kourtneycoleman.com for speaking engagements.
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  • It gave me a clear representation that knowing and understanding one’s journey to the place one is currently at, makes it so much easier to plan for the next steps. ~ L. Johnson
  • It was great to hear your whole story, it was very encouraging. ~ April
  • Your story is instructive to many who are “confused” in their lives, and I know a few I’ll be strongly recommending listen to it. ~ Lorraine
  • Very informative ~ A. Watkins

For bookings contact Kourtney at info@kourtneycoleman.com
for speaking engagements.
Groups, Keynote, Talks, Webinars